Freedom in Taking House Cleaning Off Your Plate

Hi everyone, this is Morgan, Marketing Manager at AMK Cleaning. When I was a kid, we had a lot going on in our house. Both parents worked, my brother and I were in sports, and we were building a new house.

I remember we were always busy, and I wanted to play games and watch movies with my family. Because we were always busy and my parents were always tired from going to work during the week and working on building our house after work and on the weekends, there was never any time to relax. This routine got to be very repetitive.

Anytime we weren’t working on the new house we would be cleaning our current house from the sawdust and dirt that was tracked in from our work clothes. Downtime is something that I value and I don’t know how my parents did everything that they were able to. The work never seemed to end for them, and as a kid, I wasn’t thinking of them and their lives. As I’ve gotten older I realized how much they did, and how they rarely took time for themselves. They were busy providing and building the family dream house.

Weekends were not spent recovering from a busy work week. They were spent catching up on cleaning, building, and countless jobs. They never had a day off. Later on in life, I realized I was doing the same thing after a full 40-hour week. I was using my weekends to clean, organize, get groceries, and finally get the tasks done that I kept pushing off.

Balancing the things I had to do and the things I wanted to do felt nearly impossible.

I wanted to have fun with my friends and spend my weekend creating positive memories. While I enjoy cleaning and value having a clean living space my own life shifted over the years as work and friends consumed my thoughts and my time. I wanted to feel like I was making the most of my life and taking the time to really live my life to the fullest. I wanted to have friends over but convinced myself that I couldn’t unless my house was clean.

It wasn’t until a year or so later when I began a marketing job at AMK that my house was cleaned by a cleaning specialist. I had never even thought of having someone else clean my house. I was truly amazed when I walked in. Everything was neat and tidy, they went above and beyond. It was cleaner than when I moved in. I excitedly went through each room and there were things I hadn’t even thought to clean before that were taken care of. I sat on the couch and felt so relaxed and excited. I couldn’t wait for my roommate to come home to gush about how clean everything was. Neither of us have had professional cleaners and we had no idea that the provided service would make us so giddy!

AMK has the mission to empower other people to live their best lives, in clean, beautiful homes where they can make lasting memories. I didn’t realize a cleaning service could provide that until I had my home cleaned for the first time!

Your home is your refuge, and a place for creating memories. Call us to find out how we can help you find the freedom to enjoy your life and your home to the fullest.

Morgan Williams
Marketing Manager
AMK Cleaning Services

Ashley Kosharek

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